Help us

dsc00113 a  February 2012

As a community-based organisation supporting local people in the Obunga slums the Shinners Centre provides direct help to people who are desperately in need. Although the centre aims to be self-sustaining and a lot of good work has been done to make it so, we will only achieve that goal by the end of 2012. That is when the proceeds from our chicken and vegetable farm will give us regular income to care for the children.  We appreciate all donations, help and advice, however great or small.

One way to help us is to buy the "Chasing Storms" album by Erik Shepherd - all the proceeds go directly to help the Shinners Centre.

Some of the other ways in which you can help are to buy and help sell our products, make a donation, sponsor a child, sponsor a project initiative (see website) or become a partner organization.

 With thanks from Caroline and all the volunteers of the Shinners Centre.

Kisumu, Kenya